La Specialità Ruggine - Special finish and applause guaranteed.

(CHF  4'610.00 before customs duty (EU 6.0%), local VAT and shipping costs).

If interested in purchasing a La Specialita Ruggine, please send us an informal email to:

The built and accessories of our La Specialita line are identical to the Piacevole Corsa. However, the finishing makes the La Specialità Ruggine different and very Special.


What from distance appears like an old and worn frame actually is an exclusive jewel. No paint, but real rust!


Following the controlled rusting process, each frame is sealed with a transparent high quality coating, freezing the rusting process at the current state. Frame and fork thus keep their stability, because the corrosion is just on the outside and purely superficial.


The design of our rust free steel handlebar results in a comfortable, because almost upright, riding position for the City. See and be seen in City traffic. The classic braking grips from DiaCompe not only look good, they also allow for an optimal power transfer with just two fingers.


The Specialità Ruggine is true hand work and the manual rusting process makes each Ruggine unique as no two frames look the same.

Smartes E-Bike

Elegantes, klassisches Design.

Inspiriert von den eleganten, qualitativ hochwertigen Kult Fahrrädern früherer Tage. velocipede-fogliaverde greift dieses klassische Design auf und ergänzt es um die heute verfügbare, moderne Technologie.


Elegant, classic design.

Inspired by the elegant, high quality cult bicycles of earlier days. velocipede-fogliaverde picks up that classic design while applying all the modern technology available today.

E-smart und innovativ.

Auf den ersten Blick nicht ersichtlich, doch velocipede-fogliaverde bikes sind E-bikes. Aber keine Kabel, keine sichtbare Batterie. Ein Wunderwerk der Technik. Und das System gewinnt Energie zurück - im Idealfall nie aufladen. Das ist E-smart.

E-smart and innovative.

At first sight not an E-bike, but it is! Hardly visible, no wiring, no visible battery. A wonderful piece of tech. And it is recuperating too - never plug it in. That's E-smart. 

Rekordverdächtig Leicht.

Das wohl leichteste, voll ausgestattete, E-smarte City bike auf dem Markt. Voll ausgestattet inklusive Faltschloss etc. nur 18.7 kg. Reduziert auf das Wesentliche, sogar nur 15.0 kg.



Record setting light weight.

The probably lightest fully equipped, E-smart City bikes on the market. Fully equipped just 18.7 kg (41 lb.). Stripped down to the essentials, a mere 15.0 kg (33 lb.).

Voll ausgestattet.

Bei velocipede-fogliaverde ist alles inklusive - volle, alltagstaugliche Ausstattung. Keine zusätzlichen Kosten für Schloss, Licht und Nabendynamo, Schutzbleche, Gepäckträger, Ständer, etc. Alles dabei.


Fully equipped.

velocipede-fogliaverde comes all-inclusive and fully equipped. There is no additional spending for lock, lights, fenders, porters, kickstand, etc.. Everything included.