Ride your City in Style and E-smart!


At first sight you would not guess that our velocipede-fogliaverde bikes are full fledged E-bikes. But they are!


Hardly visible, the award winning and innovative E-hub with integrated battery from Zehus gets you ready for the smartest and most stylish City ride - no sweat, even in business attire.


And the best: the system is regenerating, recuperating energy e.g. when you race downhill. In the ideal case, the system does not need to be plugged in. That's what we call intelligent. 

The system uses advanced torque and slope sensors rather than a traditional axis sensor. So the engine supports you only when the system detects that you need a boost. That's E-smart. This technology optimizes your efficiency and reduces your own efforts by 30-40%. Despite being designed as single speed bikes, hills are no challenge anymore.

Where is the battery? Efficient and beautiful all-in-one design.


No disturbing wiring or visible external battery. All necessary components are contained in the tiny and elegant rear hub, including brushless motor, batteries, electronics and sensors. Everything stays within 180 mm diameter in an elegant chrome plated aluminum housing. Including batteries a total weight of just 3 kg (6.6 lb.).


How is this possible?

The system uses advanced torque and slope sensors rather than a traditional axis sensor. So when set to th Bike+ hybrid mode, the engine supports the rider only when he needs power to accelerate or to ride up-hill. Because of this intelligent support, a lower capacity battery can be used that is lighter and much more efficient.

No worries. Never plug it in.


The award winning E-hub represents the next generation of E-Technology! With a velocipede-fogliaverde bike you have an E-smart bike that, when set to the hybrid Bike+ mode, does not need to be recharged!


The engine supports you when you need it during strenuous actions (start, acceleration, up-hill) and recovers energy (kinetic energy recovery system KERS) in situations where you do not need support (braking, downhill, speed above 25 km/h). It is the first non-plugin parallel hybrid E-hub on the market!

With your smartphone you take control.


Low energy consuming bluetooth connectivity  allows you to connect your smartphone (iOS an Android) to the E-hub.


From seven different pre-defined settings you select your favorite power mode and fitness benefit, you manage your trip data and even lock your bike. Your smartphone also acts as a gateway, allowing you access to services such as online diagnosis, bike oriented navigation or mobility statistics.


  • Battery: 30V Li-Ion, 160 Wh.
  • Weight: 3 kg (7 lb.).
  • Max. supported speed: 25 km/h (16 mph).
  • Motor power: 250 W.
  • Charging unit: 220V/ 110V.
  • Charging time: two hours.

The cut-off at 25 km/h (16 mph) makes the velocipede-fogliaverde a normal bicycle in European Union legal terms. This means there is no legal requirement for additional insurance cover or a license plate and no obligation to wear a helmet (even though we recommend wearing one for your own safety whenever riding your bicycle).

Smartes E-Bike

Elegantes, klassisches Design.

Inspiriert von den eleganten, qualitativ hochwertigen Kult Fahrrädern früherer Tage. velocipede-fogliaverde greift dieses klassische Design auf und ergänzt es um die heute verfügbare, moderne Technologie.


Elegant, classic design.

Inspired by the elegant, high quality cult bicycles of earlier days. velocipede-fogliaverde picks up that classic design while applying all the modern technology available today.

E-smart und innovativ.

Auf den ersten Blick nicht ersichtlich, doch velocipede-fogliaverde bikes sind E-bikes. Aber keine Kabel, keine sichtbare Batterie. Ein Wunderwerk der Technik. Und das System gewinnt Energie zurück - im Idealfall nie aufladen. Das ist E-smart.

E-smart and innovative.

At first sight not an E-bike, but it is! Hardly visible, no wiring, no visible battery. A wonderful piece of tech. And it is recuperating too - never plug it in. That's E-smart. 

Rekordverdächtig Leicht.

Das wohl leichteste, voll ausgestattete, E-smarte City bike auf dem Markt. Voll ausgestattet inklusive Faltschloss etc. nur 18.7 kg. Reduziert auf das Wesentliche, sogar nur 15.0 kg.



Record setting light weight.

The probably lightest fully equipped, E-smart City bikes on the market. Fully equipped just 18.7 kg (41 lb.). Stripped down to the essentials, a mere 15.0 kg (33 lb.).

Voll ausgestattet.

Bei velocipede-fogliaverde ist alles inklusive - volle, alltagstaugliche Ausstattung. Keine zusätzlichen Kosten für Schloss, Licht und Nabendynamo, Schutzbleche, Gepäckträger, Ständer, etc. Alles dabei.


Fully equipped.

velocipede-fogliaverde comes all-inclusive and fully equipped. There is no additional spending for lock, lights, fenders, porters, kickstand, etc.. Everything included.