Bella Citta

Piacevole  Corsa

La Specialita



Partly lugged double tube steel frame in 4130 CrMo quality. Tubes double butted and TIG hand welded.


Fully lugged and double butted steel frame Columbus Cromor quality. Hand braised.


Lugged steel frame, tubes double butted.

Model Bosco:

Columbus Cromor.

Model Ruggine:

4130 CrMo.


4130 CrMo steel, lugged and double butted.

Colors and coating

Environmental friendly, extremely durable and qualitatively high standing electrophoretic coating available in:

-  fogliaverde cromo


-  fogliaverde rame


-  fogliaverde nero grafite

(grafite black).


Two times powder coated with pearl effect in the colors:

-   perla mezzanotte

(midnight blue),

-   perla crema


-   perla mela verde

(apple green),

-   perla azzuro

(light blue),

-   perla custano

(dark brown).

Model Bosco: Complex coating with wood effect.

Model Ruggine: With catalyst exposed to accelerated rusting process to create rust effect. Preserved and airtight sealed with a special coating.


Bearing 1“, alloy polished.

Crank set

Alloy CNC, 44 teeth (version Alfine 8-gear 42 teeth), silver, forged 6066/T6 alloy.

Hollow crank, alloy, silver, 170mm crank. Axle FSA 103mm, silver.


Pedals made of highly dense and durable sucupira wood. Reflectors front and rear.


Alloy, polished, double walled, front 32 holes, rear 36 holes, 16.5mm plus CNC brake line.

Spokes 2.3mm stainless steel. Tires puncture proof, 700x28C, dark brown.

Front hub

Dynamo hub Shutter Precision, 6V-3W. Thanks to its innovative technology this hub is one of the smallest and lightest dynamo hubs on the market with an extremely low rolling friction and high energy efficiency.

Brakes  and brake levers

Rim brakes Tektro R559, forged aluminum arms, silver anodized. Brake pads brown color.

Brake levers DiaCompe brown/ silver.

For a smooth appearance, brake cables are led as far as possible inside the tubes.


Spring mounted leather saddle velocipede-fogliaverde, dark brown, 280 x 170 mm. Chassis and rivets stainless steel. Embossed logo velocipede-fogliaverde.

Seat post

Polished aluminum. Skeleton.

Handle bar

Polished aluminum, velocipede-fogliaverde UNO, width 540 mm.

High gloss steel, velocipede-fogliaverde DUE, width 520mm, rise 25mm.


High grade leather band velocipede-fogliaverde, dark brown.

Handle stem

Alloy 25.4mm, length 80/ 150mm, polished.


KMC offset link 100L, silver color.


Bamboo, dark brown.

Chain guard

Rosewood, dark brown.


Front: Chrome color, with on/ off switch, 6V-3W.

Rear: Chrome color, mounted on fender, 6V-3W.

For a smooth appearance, power cables are led as far as possible inside tubes.


All our models are E-smart.

Intelligent smart engine from Zehus+, an Italian spin-off of the university of Milan.

Motor power: 250W; Top assisted speed 25km/h (16 mph).

All components including brushless motor, battery, sensors and electronics are sealed in a chrome plated aluminum housing. Diameter 180mm, width 120mm. Total weight including battery: 3.0 kg.

Charging unit 220V/ 110V, charging time 2 hours.

Battery: 30V Li-ion 160Wh.

The system uses a KERS system, i.e. it recuperates energy.

By using torque and slope sensors rather than simple axis sensors, the system supports in the Bike+ mode in an optimized way when support is really needed (starting, accelerating, up-hill).


E-smart: 18.7 kg including all accessories like folding lock, saddle bag with tools, hub dynamo and lights, two porters, kickstand and porter strap. Partly equipped, the E-smart version comes in at 15.0 kg.


(*) Saddle bag velocipede-fogliaverde in real leather with lock, tool set, cloth with logo.

(*) Heavy duty folding lock in brown leather bag with embossed logo and fixed on seat tube.

(*) Porters back and front in chrome-plated steel and laser cut logo.

(*) Portage strap in high grade leather.

(*) Chain guard in rose wood.

(*)  Kickstand aluminum high polished.

Bell, stainless steel.

Brake and power cables silver color, led inside tubes as much as possible for a slighter design.


(*) Only in fully equipped version.


Smartes E-Bike

Elegantes, klassisches Design.

Inspiriert von den eleganten, qualitativ hochwertigen Kult Fahrrädern früherer Tage. velocipede-fogliaverde greift dieses klassische Design auf und ergänzt es um die heute verfügbare, moderne Technologie.


Elegant, classic design.

Inspired by the elegant, high quality cult bicycles of earlier days. velocipede-fogliaverde picks up that classic design while applying all the modern technology available today.

E-smart und innovativ.

Auf den ersten Blick nicht ersichtlich, doch velocipede-fogliaverde bikes sind E-bikes. Aber keine Kabel, keine sichtbare Batterie. Ein Wunderwerk der Technik. Und das System gewinnt Energie zurück - im Idealfall nie aufladen. Das ist E-smart.

E-smart and innovative.

At first sight not an E-bike, but it is! Hardly visible, no wiring, no visible battery. A wonderful piece of tech. And it is recuperating too - never plug it in. That's E-smart. 

Rekordverdächtig Leicht.

Das wohl leichteste, voll ausgestattete, E-smarte City bike auf dem Markt. Voll ausgestattet inklusive Faltschloss etc. nur 18.7 kg. Reduziert auf das Wesentliche, sogar nur 15.0 kg.



Record setting light weight.

The probably lightest fully equipped, E-smart City bikes on the market. Fully equipped just 18.7 kg (41 lb.). Stripped down to the essentials, a mere 15.0 kg (33 lb.).

Voll ausgestattet.

Bei velocipede-fogliaverde ist alles inklusive - volle, alltagstaugliche Ausstattung. Keine zusätzlichen Kosten für Schloss, Licht und Nabendynamo, Schutzbleche, Gepäckträger, Ständer, etc. Alles dabei.


Fully equipped.

velocipede-fogliaverde comes all-inclusive and fully equipped. There is no additional spending for lock, lights, fenders, porters, kickstand, etc.. Everything included.